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Affordable College Planning 

       What will the $25 seminar cover and why should we attend?

Why should I pay to attend a seminar when other companies do not charge for their seminars?


This seminar is different. The goal of this seminar is not to get you to book a future appointment to pay thousands of dollars. This seminar offers an affordable way to inform you of the basics--basics that the other seminars do not tell you about until you pay them thousands of dollars at some point in the future. Information provided at this seminar will give you a complete introduction into the maze of your child's college future. Many of your questions will be answered through this seminar  An open forum to ask questions will take place after the presentation.


Why are the seminars so affordable?


There are plenty of companies taking your money and they do not know as much information as Afforable College Planning. There are plenty of single parent homes, divorced families, parents who do not have $5,000 to $10,000 to toss away before college even starts (amounts usually paid to other college planners). There are people who need to know how to save money, not spend it, without breaking the bank.


Will "one on one" consultations with our family be available after the seminar?


Yes, for a very reasonable price, at a time and day convenient for your family.


Why does Affordable College Planning know so much about sending a child to college, students with special needs and about high schools students?


After attending college seminars at high schools and private "free" ones for nearly 10 years, Affordable College Planning's founder discovered she knew more than those giving the presentations, due to her extensive research and inquisitiveness.


Often a question was asked of a presenter, that he or she did not have an answer, Affordable College Planning's founder, raised her hand and provided the answer.


When friends and acquaintances started to ask questions about college and the entire maze, Affordable College Planning's founder was able to provide answers. Afterwards many suggested a business should be born to help the thousands of families going through this maze.


It helps that Affordable College Planning's founder has over 20 years of experience with students with disabilities, especially in post-high school education. It also helps that Affordable College Planning's founder is a high school teacher, who knows students. It also helps that Affordable College Planning's founder is a published author, who has read and proofread many college and scholarship essays that have proved to be extremely successful.


If that was not enough, Affordable College Planning's founder has sent two of her own children to college and they have obtained many grants and scholarships, saving thousands of dollars.


Affordable College Planning's founder has dedicated countless hours of research, conversations, investigations and hard work to be able to share a wealth of knowledge with you.







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For a private consultation 



$25 per family for a single seminar 

LIVE or via ZOOM


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A Family can be: Parents/Guardians AND Grandparents, AND Children (middle school and older)

Go to "Contact Us"  to email or call to set up an appointment for a seminar or consultation


Seminar 1

 In this 45-60 minute, 1 time Zoom,  college bound students will discover many secrets of how and where to obtain scholarships, find hidden financial secrets and other ways to help finance college.

Seminar 2

In this 1 hour, 1 time Zoom, students will learn details about going to college. Public vs. private, 2 yr vs. 4 yr., living at home vs. staying in a dorm, applications, help for those with special needs and more.





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one on one





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A non-religous business.

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