Affordable College Planning
Affordable College Planning 

     Meet with an Expert to Discuss what is the "Best Fit"                                  college for your student

One on One Consultations to help you find:


  • The best colleges for your interests
  • The best colleges for your major and/or minor
  • The best colleges for your "pocket book"
  • The best colleges for your GPA, ACT score, SAT scores
  • The best colleges for your student
  • Services to help your student
  • Indepth tutoring to help you write a great essay


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For a private consultation 



$25 per family for a single seminar 

LIVE or via ZOOM


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A Family can be: Parents/Guardians AND Grandparents, AND Children (middle school and older)

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Seminar 1

 In this 45-60 minute, 1 time Zoom,  college bound students will discover many secrets of how and where to obtain scholarships, find hidden financial secrets and other ways to help finance college.

Seminar 2

In this 1 hour, 1 time Zoom, students will learn details about going to college. Public vs. private, 2 yr vs. 4 yr., living at home vs. staying in a dorm, applications, help for those with special needs and more.





Additional fee for


one on one





Serving ALL US cites.


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